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Why Dobrin Homes?

We have been improving Richmond homes in the Carver, Jackson Ward, Randolph and Oregon Hill neighborhoods for more than 10 years. We live in these same neighborhoods and are interested in their well being and upkeep. As active members of the Richmond community, we genuinely care, are experienced and are ready to help make selling your home a breeze.

Realtor vs. Dobrin Homes Savings

Agent/RealtorDobrin Homes
Commissions and FeesAverage 6%None
Closing CostsAverage 4-6% of sell priceNone
Home Appraisal NeededFrequently required (can prevent closing)Not needed
Repairs, Financing & Inspections
(Prior to Sale)
Frequently required (can prevent closing and cost you thousands)Not needed
Timeline for SaleAverage 90+ days>5 days
Closing DateAverage 30+ days after offer acceptanceSeller's choice
Home ShowingsUpwards of 25+One (Us!)

Sell Your Home with Confidence

If you’re ready to sell and don’t wish to deal with agents, commissions and fees, home showings, forced renovations prior to sale, or any other complication of using a realtor, then we’re the right choice for you. We are simply neighbors helping neighbors.

We buy your home as is, which means no costly repairs for you, and close on your schedule, in as little as 5 days! By working with us we can save you precious time and thousands of dollars. Let us help you through every step of the selling process, at your preferred pace. We never pressure to close, and we can even help you move. We are here for you.


Price Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

Dobrin Homes buys investment homes and purchase properties must meet the following criteria:

    • Located within our neighborhoods of interest (Mainly Oregon Hill, Randolph, Carver and Jackson Ward)
    • Clear title held by the seller
    • Owner occupied or vacant (no leases)

Purchase properties cannot:

    • Be bank owned
    • Have complex title issues

Dobrin Homes reserves the right to decide whether an offer is warranted or not. Price guarantee does not apply to realtor and agent offers including commission fees and closing costs. There are always some exceptions so please provide us with as much information about your property as possible and see how we can help you and your neighborhood.

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