About Dobrin Homes

Neighbors helping neighborhoods.
Trusted. Patient. Caring.

What We Do

Building Construction

From empty lots to unrestorable foreclosures, our construction team and architects plan each new home with detail and care.

Building Repairs

We pride ourselves on renovating homes to their original beauty and carefully restore their historic features.

Custom Design

After construction is finished, our design team completes each home with love and a character of its own.

About Us

We, at Dobrin Homes, have been helping improve our Richmond neighborhoods and community for over 10 years and are always here to help you. We live in and love the same neighborhoods in which we buy— Carver, Jackson Ward, Randolph and Oregon Hill, and are your neighbors you know and trust. We are active in community organizations and neighborhood groups and give back to our city in every way we can. We truly are neighbors helping neighborhoods.

With our experiences, we know this can be a difficult, stressful and emotional decision-making process and we are here to help make it as easy and understandable as possible. No matter why, or when, you are selling, we will find a way to make it happen, at your set pace. We strive to go above and beyond any expectations, and when the time comes, can even help you move. We are your neighbors and we care.

Our Team

Alex Lugovoy, Founder 

Alex Lugovoy has extensive management experience as the founder and operator of Dobrin – a real estate development company managing 200 single family houses and 200 apartments within a mile radius of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

Alex was formerly a management consultant and pharma executive with 15 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and is highly valued for his pharmaceutical strategy expertise.

Jimmy Montgomery, Director of Operations

As the Head of Acquisitions and Development, responsible for the evaluation of development Incentives such as the Historic Tax Credit on development projects and analyze their value to generate optimal development strategies. Evaluate Target Marketing Owner Campaigns and finally, Manage the closing of each property under contract. Identify potential and sound financial development opportunities and execute timely and cost efficient renovations and design/build ground up construction.

As the Head of Construction, the mission is to ensure that a minimum of 20 to 40 single family and 1 multifamily property is delivered within the appropriate timeline and budget. This is achieved through effective leadership and planning, and managing relationships with subcontactors effectively through positive relationships.